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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smart Moves: Beads by Wood on the Rise

Being a 'Smart Guy' is a ongoing behavior, so we are checking in with some of our favorite 'Smart Guys'. Young businessman on the rise, Guy Wood Jr., shares with us what he's been up to in the past few months and how he is staying smart...

A lot of things have been happening since we last spoke to you.  What does it mean to you to now be a college graduate?

The experience was like no other.  I graduated in may with a bachelors in Business Management.  My course of study helped me develop the skills I need to run my business. I got a chance to mature and learn, and I felt very accomplished walking across the stage.  I want kids to know the value of staying in school, make it all the way through, even when it gets hard.

Are you still working two jobs or just Beads by Woods exclusively?
Actually, I have been working three jobs in order to reach my goals!  All summer I have been working with my father, Guy Wood Sr. at his company, 5001 Flavors, plus the part time job I've had throughout college, and of course, Beads by Wood.

So update us on what has been happening with Beads by Woods in the last six months?

R & B Singer Lloyd and Guy Jr.

My biggest job has been developing my brand and getting a good name behind it and putting out quality products. My business has depended on word of mouth advertising, so the product has to be high quality for people to recommend it to others. Customer satisfaction has been my number one goal and I want to be known for having a good, quality product. I have continued to work with a diverse client base, expanding my business internationally as well as working with some prominent artists in the hip-hop culture.  Terrance J. and Lloyd from 106 & Park have both been wearing Beads by Wood.  Vado and Jadakiss are also wearing bracelets.  David Rush has a chain and bracelet and wears it all the time.

What have been some of the challenges?
The biggest challenge has been managing all of the work as my business expands. Product development, management and customer service are all done by me.  But even with that challenge, I just finished a photo shoot for the company and launced our website

'Elegence' by Beads by Wood

How are you staying motivated?
The feedback I get from my customers helps me to go forward and not give up.  I also have goals I set for myself that I keep in the forefront of my mind and know that I refuse to give up on my goals.  I keep creating new designs and new styles of jewelry. The spike bracelets that we recently launched are doing really well and I just launched men and women necklaces that are getting great feedback. Five years from now I see Beads by Wood with an even bigger international presence, better name recognition and a larger market share within the industry.  I'm also working towards incorporating medal work jewelry.

'Sharp' & 'Silver Bullet'

We love the pieces that Beads by Wood has shown and the fact that the company has already incorporated giving back, participating in fundraisers for community based organizations and being a role model for other young men.  When we touched based with Guys father, 'Smart Guy' Guy Wood Sr. he said the following about Guy Jr.'s achievements: "I am so proud of the overall success and overwhelming positive response that Beads by Woods has received. The superb product is well crafted and undeniably fashionable. Glad that the entrepreneurial spirit that I possess has been passed on to my son.  I see how focused, creative, hard working, forward thinking and detail oriented he is about every aspect of his business. I'm very proud."


  1. I have my very own "Beads By Woods" bracelet and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These bracelets are universal, unisex and so beautiful. A pity the guy doesn't seem to know how (or doesn't have the drive) to grow his business because the website no longer exists. Had he known how, he would have had shops all over the world by now.